Welcome international students!

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Digit ry is the organization of information and communication technology students at the University of Turku (we are what we call a ”teekkarikilta” in Finnish). We have almost 200 members and as a students' organisation we're quite young; Digit was founded in 1999. We are, however, the oldest students' organization for tech students in the University of Turiku. Because we are a young and a relatively small students' organization, Digit is a very dynamic and versatile organization with active connections to other students' organizations here in Turku as well as in other student cities in Finland. We offer a large variety of different events and free-time activites  such as sauna-nights, beer pong tournaments, parties, a few clubs (such as a board game club and a coding club) and sports events. Our guildhouse (=office) is located at Agora in the basement, room K135A/B. We share our guildhouse with Asteriski, the student organization for computer science students. The guildhouse is a place to hang out, play games and even type some code. SO! What are you waiting for? Come  check us out!





+358 50 413 1607


Social media links :

Instagram: @digitteekkari

Snaptchat: digitteekkari


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